We only get one planet.

Let's work together to keep our home, our community— both local and global — clean for generations to come.


We donate 5% of all profits to Save The Sound, a group working to stop pollution of local groundwater as well as preserve and restore natural fish and wildlife habitat in the Long Island Sound area.

We want to work alongside Save the Sound and other like-minded organizations to maintain “high quality drinking water and protect river and stream ecology”

Source: Save the Sound

Did you know?

Some of the most serious documented problems with septic systems involve contamination of surface waters and groundwater with disease-causing pathogens and nitrates. Yikes.

Source: https://www.epa.gov/septic/septic-systems-overview

A Healthy Septic is a Healthy Planet


Coastal Ecosystems

A 2010 Stanford Study definitively links unmaintained septic systems with affecting coastal ecosystems.

Source: Stanford Study

1 in 5 U.S. Homes

1 in 5 U.S. homes use a septic system to manage waste - that’s approximately 65 MILLION homes!

Source: Circle of Blue

Private Wells

More than 44 million people in the United States, roughly 14 percent of the population, use private wells which could be affected by surrounding septic system failures.

Source: Circle of Blue

Connecticut Watershed, Provided by DEEP

How can I help?

The most important way to help is to maintain or replace your own septic system.

You can also help us by telling your friends how important it is to keep up with septic maintenance. We post a lot of helpful things on our Facebook account.

Clean Water Organizations:

For More Information about Septic Systems Impact on the Environment and Local Water visit the EPA website and read their study: “Environmental Effects of Septic Tank Systems”

Enjoy your home for years to come.

Take care of the ones you love the most - maintain or replace your septic system and do your part to help keep your local water clean for generations to come.

EcoSeptic Eco-Friendly Septic Services in Connecticut


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