Get to know the EcoSeptic team

Making a difference has never been so easy

About EcoSeptic

Eco-friendly, eco-conscious, Ecoseptic.

We care about the impact water pollution has on our community.

EcoSeptic was founded in 2018 by Pat Minogue and Peter Gaboriault. They have worked together in the building industry for many years and bring that experience to this new venture along with a shared passion to help people understand their septic system better.

Pat and Peter believe that making a difference starts at home. If every person in the state of CT, in New England, in the United States made a commitment to maintain their septic systems and stop pollution of the local waterways imagine how much cleaner our planet would be!

Meet Our Team

We are a group that cares; about the environment and our customers.

EcoSeptic Team - Pat Minogue

Pat Minogue


Pat is an expert heavy-machinery operator and is licensed by the state of CT to install and repair septic systems. This is something he has been doing for many years in the construction industry and is excited to bring his expertise into a new forum. Pat is trustworthy and professional. He will always be fair and straightforward. Pat is the guy who will make you LOVE your septic system.

Plumbing & Piping License Number - PLM.0283383-P7

Sub-surface Sewage Installer License Number - 03-681320

EcoSeptic Team: Jessica Connolly

Jessica Connolly


Jessica has a passion for conservation and a talent for administration. What a perfect combination! Jessica loves happy customers and will do whatever it takes to make sure customers are satisfied with our service.

No one else will ever care about your septic system as much as we do.

By maintaining, repairing or replacing your septic system you protect your home and ensure that you are not polluting the local groundwater and larger ecosystems around your home.

EcoSeptic Eco-Friendly Septic Services in Connecticut


"Ecoseptic ticked all the boxes. They were easy to book online, they showed up on time and I feel confident that my septic system is in good hands."

Melissa, Monroe, CT

“Pat was great! He built our new septic system for us. Ecoseptic had competitive prices and, in my opinion, were worth every penny as they were so great to work with. Easy, clean and professional.”

Tim, Weston, CT

“Is it weird to say you love your septic company? We love ecoseptic! They are so easy to book and the reminders they send are always helpful. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and the price was right.”

Christine, Newtown, CT