Protecting The Long Island Sound

Protecting Long Island Sound CT

At EcoSeptic, we are dedicated to the conservation and protection of our local environment and its water sources. The Long Island Sound is an estuary that borders New York and Connecticut and is an incredibly important water source to our area. We donate 5% of our profits to Save the Sound, an organization working to stop pollution of local groundwater and preservation and restoration of natural fish and wildlife habitats in the Long Island Sound area.


What’s Happening With The Long Island Sound?

The Long Island Sound has a history of environmental damage due to heavy pollution since the Industrial Revolution in the early 1900’s. Since that time, the Sound has suffered from a phenomenon known as hypoxia. Also known as “dead zones”, hypoxia is a condition where oxygen levels in the water are not adequate enough to support the ecosystem within. This occurs when excessive nitrogen in water pollutants cause the overgrowth of plant life which eventually die off and are consumed by oxygen-reliant microorganisms.


In the Long Island Sound, this occurs more often in hot weather conditions, but has improved in recent years. Connecticut and New York State have taken action to properly manage these “dead zones” and improve aquatic life and water quality in the area. It is Save the Sound’s mission to protect this critical water resource by:

  • Using “citizen scientists” to manage high levels of harmful bacteria in the Sound waterways
  • Measuring Water Quality
  • Restoring Fisheries & Wildlife Habitats of the Sound
  • Protecting Neighborhoods & Shores through neighborhood and shore cleanup
  • Defending Drinking Water by reducing harmful storm water runoff


Protecting the Long Island Sound


Want To Lend A Hand? Here’s How…

We love this area and truly believe in maintaining and caring for its beautiful resources. There are many ways that you can get involved in supporting your local environment as well. Here are some resources for anyone looking to lend a helping hand: